Membership Form (PayPal) 

Joining KNM ( Kenya Nurses of Minnesota) requires all member to pay a one time Membership fee of $25.00 as part of the enrollment process.

Payment Options:

  • PayPal : Have a PayPal account? kindly complete the below form to join and make a payment with PayPal.
  • Bank Account Deposit (Non-PayPal) - Do not have a PayPal Account? Make a deposit of $25.00 directly into the Kenya Nurses of Minnesota checking account at any WELLS FARGO BANK: Rt# 091000019 Account # 3492588532, then complete the registration process at "Non-Paypal Registration" You will need your deposit slip to enter the Wells Fargo Deposit Transaction Number found on the deposit slip. If you have further questions please call 952-210-9665 for assistance.